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Build amazing ideas,
Domino - Build amazing ideas, Piece by Piece

Close the gap between your ideas and their realization

Gap between worlds

Most professionals face barriers when trying to implement their ideas using data and AI. At the same time, data scientists and AI experts continuously produce solutions that are often underutilized.

  • ❌ Tools typically require basic programming skills from the start
  • ❌ Integrating multiple tools demand solid coding expertise
  • ❌ People don't know where to find the right tools to implement their ideas
  • ❌ Pieces of code that would be useful to many, get buried in code repositories serving few
  • ❌ There's no visual interface to most of that code

✅ Domino is here to empower individuals with access to state-of-the-art tools, bridging the gap between visionaries and data/AI expertise.

Build with Domino - advanced data and AI tools at your fingertips!

Visual data workflows for everyone

Domino brings an intuitive Graphical User Interface that facilitates creating, editing and monitoring any type of workflow, including integrations with:

  • Advanced data processing tools
  • Machine learning and generative AI algorithms
  • External APIs and social media
  • and more!
Visual data workflows for everyone
Focus on reusability and reproducibility

Focus on reusability and reproducibility

Domino proposes a standard for writing and publishing functional Pieces which makes them reusable and reproducible, and can be easily shared with the community.

  • Standardized approach to Pieces creation
  • Bring any functional code to the graphical interface
  • Easily share your Pieces with the community
  • Easily install and use the community Pieces

Rich real-time monitoring

Experience a clean and user-friendly interface for monitoring workflows results, including logs and rich reports with images, interactive graphics, and tables.

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface for workflows monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of status and logs
  • Detailed reporting of results with text, tables, images and interactive graphics
Rich real-time monitoring
Collaborate with teams and community

Collaborate with teams and community

Collaboration is at the heart of Domino. From your internal team to the whole community, you can easily share your work and get help and inspiration from others.

  • Collaborative workspaces to create and monitor workflows within your organization
  • Export and share your workflows with others
  • Import ready-to-use workflows from the community

Made to be open, reliable and scalable

open source

Open source

Domino is an open source project, which means that anyone can contribute to its development and use it for free.

Powered by Apache Airflow

Domino is powered by Apache Airflow for top-tier workflows scheduling and monitoring.


Kubernetes native

Domino is Kubernetes native, with every task running in a dedicated pod. This guarantees scalability and resilience to your workflows.

Get in touch with the maintainers

Get in touch

Are you interested in using Domino for your business? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at: